Silverlit I/R Ninja (4CH) 84587

KODS: I/R NINJA (4CH) 84587

Cena: 35.00

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Radiovadāms Helihopters Silverlit I/R Ninja (4CH) 84587

4 channel digital proportional infrared control includes complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down control and Side Left Right control
Innovative rotor and control system for ultimate auto-stability and easy operation
Equipped with Head Lock Piezo gyro system
Hobby grade transmitter includes various trim possibilities
Precise controlling and hovering
Charging through transmitter or USB charging cable (included)
Battery info - Helicopter: Built-in Li-Poly rechargeable battery pack required (included)
Battery info- Transmitter: 6 x "AA' size batteries required (not included)


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