Silverlit I/R Ninja (4CH) 84587

KODS: I/R NINJA (4CH) 84587

Cena: 35.00

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Radiovadāms Helihopters Silverlit I/R Ninja (4CH) 84587

  • 4 channel digital proportional infrared control includes complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down control and Side Left Right control
  • Innovative rotor and control system for ultimate auto-stability and easy operation
  • Equipped with Head Lock Piezo gyro system
  • Hobby grade transmitter includes various trim possibilities
  • Precise controlling and hovering
  • Charging through transmitter or USB charging cable (included)
  • Battery info - Helicopter: Built-in Li-Poly rechargeable battery pack required (included)
  • Battery info- Transmitter: 6 x "AA' size batteries required (not included)